"The warmest of welcomes to our family #ibeardclub, it is our undying belief that we have one of the best Beard and Moustache community Clubs in the World."

Welcome to the home of iBeardClub

Welcome to our website, we have a tireless belief that we have created a welcoming and supportive home for all things bearded and are humbled that you choose us.

iBeardclub is founded on core values that mean everything to us and we defend them without question.
In a very tough and sometimes hateful world we believe wholeheartedly that in our corner of the world the one thing that we all have in common “facial hair and a love for it” brings our community together without judgement, discrimination or differentialism.

A place that is safe, welcoming and supportive. To create an informative home for beard wearers and appreciators is our aim, the realization of our aim is…. OUR .. #360degreebrotherhood. 


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It is our undying belief that we have one of the best Beard and Moustache community Clubs in the World, founded as a Facebook Group, we promote, encourage and celebrate all things facial hair related. Whether full bearded, moustachiod or beard appreciating and creative ladies bearding . Questions, answers supportive advice and the iBeardClub Manufacturers Guild. Club competitions and giveaways and a magnificent growing selection of Club Merchandise.  


we have an all encompassing attitude and atmosphere within our family and are proud of our tag #360degreebrotherhood. whether it be our charitable causes that we wholeheartedly believe in or our "standing shoulder to shoulder" ethos with our family members in time of need, offering love, support and understanding to everyone and the conviction in the sincerity of the term "brother and sister"


Brotherhood, Strength, loyalty,humility,respect and honour are the bedrock and foundation of our growing family. We defend these values to the last. We #keepithandsome .. meaning the politest and most gentlemanly and ladylike behaviour towards fellow members is acceptable and wholeheartedly believe that #loveWINS

Come and join our bearded family !

#fun - #friendly - #family

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Lee Andrews
Beard Master General & Director #bmg
Paul Mangiagalli
Marketeer and Director #ibeardmarketeer

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