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about iBeardClub

About iBeardclub: Our integrity, reputation and image within the bearding community is one of our most prized possessions.

A true Family orientated bearding community. We have created and launched the iBeardclub Manufacturers Guild to safeguard users of Beard and Moustache products.

As the management team we strive to make our collective environments as much fun, supportive and welcoming as possible.

It is our belief that our family sets the new standard within the bearding social community.

About iBeardClub
About iBeardClub



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It is our undying belief that we have one of the best Beard and Moustache community Clubs in the World, founded as a Facebook Group, we promote, encourage and celebrate all things facial hair related. Whether full bearded, moustachiod or beard appreciating and creative ladies bearding . Questions, answers supportive advice and the iBeardClub Manufacturers Guild. Club competitions and giveaways and a magnificent growing selection of Club Merchandise.  


We have an all encompassing attitude and atmosphere within our family and are proud of our tag #360degreebrotherhood. Whether it be our charitable causes that we wholeheartedly believe in or our "standing shoulder to shoulder" ethos with our family members in time of need, offering love, support and understanding to everyone and the conviction in the sincerity of the term "brother and sister"


Brotherhood, Strength, Loyalty,Humility,Respect and honour are the bedrock and foundation of our growing family. Moreover, we defend these values to the last. We #keepithandsome .. meaning the politest and most gentlemanly and ladylike behaviour towards fellow members is acceptable and wholeheartedly believe that #loveWINS. Stay tuned to know more about iBeardClub

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About iBeardClub

@iBeardclub we are so very proud of the new friendships and social circles that have been forged during our time as a community

@iBeardclub The Happiness of our family is core to the club.

@iBeardclub We don’t profess to be experts in mental health and well-being, however we do guide brothers and sisters in their time of need to Charities and Organisations that specialise in that field.

In the meantime we lend an ear, we make time and support our family as best as we can.

@iBeardclub We have many big personalities, live videos and fun events for all our family to spectate and participate in.

@iBeardclub, from the Shy and retiring to the Bold and out there personalities. All are welcome to join us.