Our mission is to provide a warm friendly and supportive club for owners and enthusiasts of Beards and all things related”.

Lee Andrews #BMG

Beard Master General


iBeardClub History - How it all started

iBeardClub History: Lee Andrews aka the #BMG was invited onto the page with 32 members.. Within a few weeks he started to introduce the term “brother” and went on to arrange a local social gathering. Subsequently, Lee was made an Admin on the page. Over the coming months he updated the club logo and values and the direction of the club was born as was the mantle of #BMG.

Over the coming years the club membership grew exponentially, the passion and belief of its members in the values being sacrosanct. #BMG by this time had enrolled a capable and well respected team of Admins, moderators and Ambassadors who all work tirelessly to ensure the smooth running and quality of our communal space.

The club name #ibeardclub was introduced the #BMG in 2017 and is an action not just a title, and anyone could say proudly … I … BeardClub. The personalities within the Admin and Moderator team is one of the most popular elements to our family.

We have community standard competitions and live videos our Club has evolved into a great fun place to be. #ibeardclub has hosted and been part of a number of UK Beard Competitions and the culmination of years of commitment towards holding great fun charity events we were awarded Host-hood of the British Beard and Moustache Championships which was the highest honour possible for our family.

This website is the next chapter in our growing history and reputation and is a major landmark for us as we go forward in offering our members the best social environment.

Our mission is to provide a friendly club for owners and enthusiasts of Beards.

Lee Andrews #BMG



history timeline


Car club changed to Beard Club – BMG arrived and made admin – Core values set


Damian Rees #damo4show , Martyn Finnegan #theCaptain and Steve Bailey #thesheriff made Admins


Tony Kelly #MrCoors, Jay Lewis #thebeardedleatherman and Sam Hardwick #sargantatarmsmade Moderator. #handsomejack club insignia introduced


the introduction of #iBeardclub – First hosted Beard and Moustache Championship in Rugby in aid of Macmillian £4.8k raised. Sam Hardwick #sargantatarms and Tony Kelly #MrCoors Made admin Introduction to Paul Mangiagalli #ibeardmarketeer


Chris Organ and Matt Cole made Moderators – Family was 7k+ members Process of rebranding handsome Jack and formalisation of #360degreebrotherhood between Lee and Paul


#ibeardclub awarded the host-hood of #TBBMC20 New look #handsomejack is revealed. The introduction of #360degreebrotherhood Paul Mangiagalli #iBeardmarketeer joins the team as Admin. Jay Lewis #thebeardedleatherman made Admin – Sian Elliot, Matt Harrington, AJ Morris and Kevin Jackson join the Moderator team


iBeardClub New look merchandise and the Birth of our Website. Lee and Paul become directors of iBeardclub Limited and Lay the foundations for the growth and longevity of the club The introduction of the #iBeardclub Manufacturers Guild – For Beard Product Grand Masters – Product Masters and the #iBeardclub Seal of approval – The aim to give assurance to consumers that all products and companies listed within the Guild have the correct safety certification and insurances and are of the highest standard The introduction of #iBeardclub Family Memberships to aid the growth of our club and to make members feel like part of family.


More club & charity events, club growth, merchandise and lots more….


Established in 2014

Established in 2014, our aim, our goal, our ambition and need is for our family to be a shining light in the world of social media, with real friendships forged near and far across the world.

The #360degreebrotherhood is designed to be all encompassing whether you are a fledgling new starter beardsmen, a grand master of the beard or a beard appeciating or creative sister to the club!

iBeardClub History: Established in 2014, our ambition and our need is for our family to be a shining light in the world of social media.Finaly, we truely believe that all facial hair is valid and enjoy supporting our fellow members throughout their bearding journey

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