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why choose us

why choose us

@iBeardclub we are so very proud of the new friendships and social circles that have been forged during our time as a community

One of the biggest things we love about our family is its ability to bring people near and far together, sharing good times and making memories. #iBeardclub is a happy place and we share the happinesss

Although as stated, we do not profess nor boast about being experts in Mental health, however we know people who are and guide family members in the right direction. But… we are a good friend and shoulder of support who is always willing to lend an ear and help where we can

Before anything else this is all about having fun and the bearding experience being a joyful and enjoyable one, we are very proud of our fun and friendly environment

The term Brother and Sister has real meaning within our family, and as time goes by as our beards grow our family grows with it

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iBeardClub Family

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£ 19.95
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No we welcome ladies, beard appreciating, creative competitors and family members to beardsmen allready on the club.

Primarily we are a Beard Club, If you plan is to become bearded or if you appreciate a fine beard, than this is the place for you.

Absolutely, 100%

We are not celebrities, we are normal family men with great beards who love meating our members on the street….and we do love a selfie 😉

All official Club Merch is available on this webiste in the Club Shop

Of course you are always welcome back and membership runs on a yearly basis.

You have to be a member to enjoy the perks and benifits of being part of the iBeardClub family.

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