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our mission
  • Our Mission

    Keep it Handsome This is our strapline/hashtag and means to be gentlemanly and respectful with your posts. If you wouldn't say it to your gran, your mother or your daughter then dont say it or post it in #Ibeardclub.
  • Dress code We only accept fully dressed photos “shirts on boobs in” is a hard and fast policy, please respect this as it saves any confusion or upset, it’s nothing personal, thems the rules
  • Be kind and courteous We're all in this together to create a welcoming environment. Let's treat everyone with respect. Healthy debates are natural, but kindness is required.
  • Swearing & Language Keep it handsome so please avoid swear words. Yes we're grown ups and we all know them, but no need to use them unnecessarily. C*nt and F*ck are big NO NOs
  • Products & Beard merchandise. We a have the introduction of the iBeardClub Manufacturers Guild , giving the confidence and reassurance that the products you are using are safety tested and to standard.
  • Bigotry This is categorically not allowed in any form, whether racially, sexually , threats or just hating in general is a no go ... we really don’t suffer with this andt it’s a hard and fast rule.
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Listed below are our core membership guidelines

  • We are a #360DegreeBrotherhood
  • We always #KeepItHandsome
  • We believe #Lovewins
  • We are Kind & Courteous
  • We accept NO Discrimination of any kind
  • We Respect our Dress Code
  • We are not a Dating site
  • We uphold and project our core values of Loyalty, Humilty, Strength, Honour and Respec

to sum up
what we love about beards

Possesing a beard for us is the ultimate show of manhood.

Whether you are a fledgling beardsman starting his journey or a Full-on established Bearded Master, having a beard is something that sets you aside from the norm and is a life style choice that brings with it the benefits of new friends far and wide within an ever expanding close knit community.

PLUS ….. It looks flipping awesome!


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