6 Awesome Raffles over 6 Months!
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The Lions Barber Collective - Raffle 2

£2.50 /Per Ticket

You are supporting a great cause by entering this Charity Raffle 2. Support The Lions Barber Collective charity and also you have the chance to win an awesome prize.  These are sponsored by the iBeardClub Product Masters.

The items you see in the photo are all the items you will win!

Simple Raffle: 1 awesome prize and 1 Lucky Winner (To be drawn when the raffle ends or all the numbers are sold)

Each Raffle has different products sponsored by our iBeardClub Manufacturers Guild Members. The Members: Braw Beard Opies Beard Co The Urban Gent Runesilk Twisted Moustache. Please also check our Charity Raffle 3.

Winner is: Mandy Gurney

Ticket number: 50

The winner was chosen from a Randoms Number Wheel which was Randomised twice and the winner was Mandy Gurney - Congratulations

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The Lions Barber Collective

Charity RAFFLES -Supporting Men's Mental health